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Reliable and affordable business phone and broadband

Advanced telecoms solutions, designed for small business.

Phones and Broadband

Phone and Broadband Solutions, Designed for Small Businesses

We offer sophisticated but affordable telecoms solutions: from traditional phone lines to superfast broadband, virtual and physical phone systems, and fax to email, we've the solution to suit every small business' needs.

Line Rental just £12 per month and Call Charges from 1p per minute

We can install new lines, or we can take over existing lines without the need to change your number.

Our call charges are extremely competitive, offering great savings whether you're calling landlines, mobiles, or internationally. We don't tie you in to long contracts: our minimum term is just 3 months, and our pricing is easy to understand with no minimum spending commitments.

Send us an itemised bill and we'll run a no-obligation cost comparison to see how much we could save your business.

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Are you losing business because you're missing calls?

Many small businesses miss out on potential sales because they don't answer enquiry calls efficiently, and offering an answerphone or publicising a mobile number gives prospects the wrong image.

We offer sophisticated affordable call routing facilities so you can ensure calls are always answered and you never miss opportunities.

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Reliable Broadband from just £14 per month

We offer standard broadband, superfast fibre, and leased line connections to suit all small businesses: from a single user accessing email to an office with 20 staff downloading large amounts of data.

Our broadband pricing is fair and easy to understand, with packages offering no download limits where required. We don't limit the speed of your connection: we simply offer the fastest broadband possible on your line.

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Fax to Email & Email to Fax from just £30 per year

If your business industry still relies on fax messages our Fax to Email service removes the need to maintain a fax machine by providing a dedicated fax number, which automatically converts your faxes to emails.

This also works in reverse: send our system an email and it'll be delivered as a fax to the specified number, seamlessly.

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