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Efficient business data management systems

Ditch the spreadsheets; our system lets you control business data.

Business Data Toolkit

With our Business Data Toolkit™ you can say goodbye to all those spreadsheets and hello to secure and easy to access data!

As a web-based product there is no software to be installed and it can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection. All data is hosted on our servers, backed up, and protected, so you can have peace of mind that your data is safe.

Years of in-house development and customer feedback have produced a powerful product which ensures business efficiency. Features are continually being developed and we look at customer needs to shape future versions, at no extra cost.

Pricing starts from £95 one-off and then £25 per month

The Business Data Toolkit™ is split into modules, called tools. You only pay for the tools which your business needs, and you can add and remove tools from your toolkit as business needs dictate. Staff are given individual user names meaning that they can only access the data and facilities that their job role requires and user permissions can be very specific, to ensure data security.

Let us save you from all those spreadsheets!

Customer Tool Icon
Customer Tool

The customer tool is the heart of every Business Data Toolkit™, providing powerful data search and storage facilities.

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Stock Tool Icon
Stock Tool

The stock tool is ideal if you have a warehouse or stock room, and ensures stock is closely tracked from arrival to dispatch.

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Service Engineer Icon
Service Engineer Tool

The service engineer tool allows you to organise your field-based engineers or technicians for maximum efficiency.

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Orders Tool Icon
Orders Tool

The orders tool allows you to process product orders placed in person, on your website, or by phone.

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New Tools Coming Soon

We're continually developing our products based on customer feedback and requirements. We have two new tools currently in development.

Sales Leads Icon
Sales Leads Tool

The sales leads tool will let you track leads to ensure maximum conversion. For businesses with ongoing services you'll be able to ensure customers are visited periodically, with customer visits organised geographically efficiently, and store visit notes to maximise future sales.

Reports Tool Icon
Reports Tool

The reports tool will pull data from your whole toolkit to allow you to analyse business performance to maximise business efficiency.