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Hi everyone, it’s Zarte again!

Just bear with me for a moment would you, I’m just finishing writing a Trip Advisor review for a restaurant I visited the other day.

And overall, if you could just improve your customer service a little bit, and perhaps turn the music down (far too loud for somewhere to have a romantic meal) then I’d be happy to give you repeat custom in the future.

And there we go… I feel it’s important that customers always have a good experience when they have dealings with you. That might seem like an obvious thing to say, but what’s less obvious is how that can happen sometimes. Take my restaurant for interest – the most *obvious* thing to focus on would be the quality of the food, but in reality, it’s often the staff you deal with, and the environment that make the biggest impact.

This is true for our customers who use our Business Data Toolkit. Not in terms of how they deal with us (though we’d like to think that our staff and environment would make them happy) but in terms of how it helps them come across to their own customers.

Say you’re still working with paper and pen, like we’ve discussed before. If you have a number of customers, it doesn’t matter how efficiently you think your storage is working, there will always be an occasion where you just can’t find the contact details for someone – whether it’s because a colleague is using the log you need, or just because someone’s put it back out of order. If a repeat customer phones you wishing to order again, and you have to ask their details again, then that’s a small thing that could create a negative impression. People want to feel valued as a customer, and feeling like they’ve been forgotten (even if it’s just down to a momentary lapse in filing) can have a big impact.

Or say someone wants to find out if you have something in stock. The worst thing you can do, is leave someone on hold for ten minutes whilst you wander around a stockroom to try and find the item in question. Or worse, assumed you have one in stock because the collective Excel sheet says you do, but find out that someone sold the last an hour ago, hadn’t updated it, and you’re going to have to call the customer back to tell them you made an error and you won’t have it back in stock for a fortnight.

And what about engineers? One of them may have had a free spot in the middle of the day for an extra client this morning, but can you guarantee that they haven’t ended up with an unforeseen circumstance in their first job of the day when you can’t get hold of them due to a lack of signal or them leaving their phone in the van?

These are all the sorts of issues that the Business Data Toolkit is designed to avoid and help you show the best sides of your business to your customers.

The customers tool itself allows you to build an endless bank of customer details (in line with GDPR, of course!) which are recallable with ease. When someone calls, it’ll simply be a case of “Can I just confirm that you still live at…” rather than having to go through the whole tedious process every time.

The stock tool will automatically update itself after an order is placed, so you’ll have no need to make sure that your colleague hasn’t left you in a pickle and made YOU seem like the bad guy to your client.

And the engineer tool allows all parties to check in regularly, leaving reports on what’s going on at both ends to guarantee that the customers are happy before, during and after your interactions with them.

The Toolkit is always expanding. Any time a customer wants to add some new functionality that’s relevant to their business, we try our best to make it happen, which means that you really can come to us with the issues you’re facing, and see what we can do to fix them. Why would you turn a blind eye to customer satisfaction?

To have a chat with us about whether the Business Data Toolkit could be the dream product for you, you can always contact us via the form on our contact page, or you can call us on 023 9298 8855.

Until next time!