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What makes a good telecoms provider?

We all look for something different when it comes time to change or renew our contracts with our telecoms providers... but are you looking for the right things?


Oh hi everyone, welcome back! Just give me a moment, please! I’m setting up a dating profile and want to finish it before I start.

Good sense of humour a must… more of a staying in person than going out… OK… and we’re done.

There we go, sorry about that. Just hoping for a bit more luck with the connections I’m making.

In all honesty, dating is a lot like making a good connection with a company. You need to work out what it is you want, see how close you can get to it, and then maybe work out what it is that you’re prepared to compromise on a little – because it’s very rare to have the PERFECT match. Take telecoms providers. Do you know what you’re looking for? If not, here’s OUR thoughts on what you should be considering.


It might seem strange to be concerned about the location of your telecoms provider, however it is important, on more than one level. First of all, there are hundreds of excellent local telecoms companies, all of whom are likely to be more engaged with you than a big corporation. You’re also more likely to be able to reach a named contact should you have an issue, rather than a faceless voice. This can’t be said of companies with swathes of employees based in a call centre. Even more so if those call centres aren’t even based in the UK, adding potential communication issues into the mix. So think carefully about where your provider is based.


We’ve touched on this in previous articles, but it really is a surprisingly important one which people don’t touch on. Nearly all companies (including us on occasion) will offer you an introductory offer some of the time. This is normal business practice. But look into it. If you’re getting 3 months free, but are then going to be tied into something with no guarantee of prices remaining stable for a further 21 months, then you’re not likely to be getting the best deal. Happy customers stay with companies. Companies who try to make you stay for as long as possible via a piece of paper – they’re the ones less likely to be making you happy. View a 24-month contract, or heaven forbid a 36-month one as a major red flag. Protect yourself.


We already skimmed upon this in the location section, with call centre staff, but considering how the quality of the service is likely to be is important. There are plenty of horror stories about a number of the leading UK providers. Equally, there are some which have good records for customer service – we’re not here just to slag off our competitors. But do your research. An affordable, short-term contract is great, but if you’re not able to deal with issues when they arise, then that’s no good to anyone. Ask a company before you deal with them, what the process is likely to be should you have an issue. Who will you speak to? How much will it cost you to speak to them? What are the average response times, both in terms of taking the call, and also fixing the issue.


To many people this should be first on the list, but in our opinion, it should actually be the final consideration unless you’re on a REALLY tight budget. The fact is, as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. A higher price could mean a better service, or the option to shorten your contract, or that more money is being spent on training staff properly to deal with your issue. Also, break the cost down over the length of the contract, and look in the small print to make sure that the price you accept is likely to be the price you’re still paying for the duration of your contract.

So there you have it. Of course, there’ll be other things to consider as well, everyone has their own personal situations and requirements. But the basics remain the basics no matter who you are. Look after yourselves when it comes to telecoms, and more importantly, find a provider who wants to look after you.

You can always talk to us, should you want advice, or even a quote. Our contracts can be as short as three months, depending on the service you’re looking for, and all calls come directly to our small team. There’s no BEA call centre on the other side of the world. Just call 023 9298 8855.

Until next time!