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Why would I spend more on a website?

We get asked a lot why people should spend more money with us, rather than less elsewhere. So we wrote an article to explain. You’ll soon agree with us.


Hi everyone, Zarte here! I’m just scouring the Internet for a bargain! Hmm let me see... Boats with a plug to let out the water that gets in for a pound... hmm... I wonder... bear with me, I’m just going to do some research...

...OK, I’m with you. Yeah, that was a really stupid idea. I can’t believe I even had to look up why! You see, the thing is, sometimes things are bargains, but they’re bargains for a reason. We thought we’d try to explain how this applies to us, because lately we’ve had a few people ask why they should get a website from us when you can get a website from a designer who uses a template service, for a fraction of the price. So we thought we’d go into why that could honestly be a better option for you... but ultimately, probably wouldn’t be.

Let’s start with the positives. And as I just mentioned, the prime one is probably the price. Plenty of companies out there who are using a template-based service will be able to get you a website for... maybe £150-200. Which we totally get – is a very small amount compared to the £600 minimum that we charge. And for a new, or struggling business that can be a big clincher. We totally understand it, even if we think it’s a simplistic view.

The other big positive is likely to be the speed of turnaround. With a more template-based approach, decisions can be made quicker, work can be completed quicker, and you’re able to launch a new image with fewer delays and less complications. Again, we can fully accept that there are situations where this would be a really good thing for a business – especially for a start-up! And if these are the things that matter most to you, then we wish you all the best, BUT we think there are some other things to consider too.

First of all, there are counter-arguments to both of the above pros. First of all the cost. The cost is able to be that low, because the amount of work going into it is vastly less. Less time will be spent consulting with you. Less time will be spent supporting you with the new build. And most of all less time will be spent making it perfect. You are, very much, getting what you pay for.

We may be slower to turnaround a website, but we’re not talking months and months. We just prefer to take the time to create something for our customers that is truly unique. You will not find a copy of any of our customers’ websites anywhere, because all of them were designed solely for their needs, their branding, their taste. Our customers aren’t held back by the limits of a template, because we’re designing in a way that we can add the functionality they want. If it’s possible, it’s possible. The same can’t be said for these other companies.

Another big difference is in the aftercare. Fundamentally once other designers have handed you the keys so to speak, it’s all yours. If there are plug-ins involved, it’ll be down to you to monitor them, you to update them – the work will all need to be led by you. That’s fine if you happen to be proficient, but if you’re not, you’re only going to have to hire someone else to help you. And in time, plug-ins and similar will cease being compatible at all. You’ll need a completely new website for your online presence to remain relevant. The money you’ve saved will need to be put back into use much quicker.

With us, not only do we give you all the tools to update things yourself, but we’re also at the end of a phone line and happy to dispense advice, and even be hands on with monitoring and updating things for you if you really don’t have a clue. It’s an ongoing relationship, and a relationship that will allow you to use much subtler and more infrequent changes to keep your website relevant for years to come.

So in conclusion, if you want a low price, and high speed, then you can absolutely do good things with a cheaper, less unique provider. But for an individual, more attentive, ongoing relationship with a company that cares about your as a customer rather than caring about your wallet, then we’re definitely the option you should be taking. Have a think, and then give us a call on 023 9298 8855 to see how we can make these words apply to you and your business. And remember until the end of February 2018, we’re offering 20% off – even MORE reason to turn to us...

Until next time,