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A blog article about blog articles

There are few things stranger than a blogger being asked to blog about blogging. But that’s what happened. Here’s the result!


Oh hi everyone, good to see you back! Just give me a minute would you? I’m just writing a blog article... why are you looking confused? Never mind... I’ll be with you shortly...

...OK, and I’m with you. Oh, you’re perplexed why I had to stop to write a blog article when I’m writing a blog article? Well I just thought I’d make the whole thing a little more meta than it’s already going to be, because this is a blog article, all about blog articles! Well, and the blogs that they reside on!

You see, when customers come to us looking for a new website, we’ll often suggest that they have a blog on there, if they have someone who’s able to generate the content for it. But frequently the question that comes back to us is “Well... why?” – so as always happens when people keep asking the same question, I scribble an article that we can direct people to the next time it comes up.

Now I might be a little biased – after all, without blog articles to write, I’d be much nearer to being out of a job, but to me, having a well-managed blog on a website is a major draw at this end of the decade.

I’ve already mentioned the prime reason that businesses should want one – which is how easy it is to use it to respond to customers, and the enquiries of potential customers. To be able to respond to a customer query with a quick, loose outline of an answer and then be able to add “But for a bit more depth, here’s this handy article” means that not only do you look like a slick and professional outfit, but it also saves you the time of going through the same topic at length over and over again. Writing it once, rather than a myriad of times will give you more opportunity to focus on other things.

Similarly, it can be used to demonstrate general attentiveness and customer service. If someone asks you a question that inspires a new article, you can make a point of saying it! “Thanks to Mrs Smith – we had a great idea for a new blog article – here’s our suggestions for how to...” – immediately you look like a company who recognises the importance of your customers, who don’t take them for granted, and who are able to communicate with them clearly.

Another marvellous usage of a blog is to give updates on major news within your industry – if you’re a B2B organisation especially. There is a huge difference between the impression made by a company who appear good at what they do, but insular, and the impression made by a company who appear good at what they do AND seem to be aware of what everyone else is doing around them as well. Being able to demonstrate an understanding of trends and developments are a huge plus in the eyes of many consumers. Be the ones who break the news, as well as make the news.

A blog doesn’t simply have to consist of written articles either. Perhaps, for example, you sell parts for a certain type of machinery. If you have access to a decent video camera, then a video demonstrating how to fit that part will give you an extra point in the pros column when a customer is deciding who to buy that part from. This is worthwhile even if you offer to fit the parts as part of the service. Demonstrating what is required is more likely to make someone think they can’t be bothered with the hassle – whereas they’re unlikely to come back to you for the extra help after the initial purchase. People are often lazy, and often stubborn! Make the best of those character traits!

Finally, it’s great for web traffic. Since I started wittering on at you all, our web traffic has increased greatly, which does wonders for our SEO – why wouldn’t you want something that can make you appear more to the public eye?

So if you think now’s the time to add a touch more interactivity to your website, then get in touch with us on the number at the top of the site! You’ll be giving some poor neglected worker like me a chance to have a purpose in life!

Until next time,