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Our Business Data Toolkit is as vital as a handyman's!

For October, our focus is back onto our Business Data Toolkit! So here’s why we think you can only benefit from having all of OUR tools – right at your fingertips!


Hi everyone! Zarte here! Let me just finish putting this shelf up, and then I’ll be right wi-... let me just finish picking this shelf up off of the floor and I’ll be right with you!

I bet you’re wondering what tenuous link I can have from putting up a shelf, to something technological, but to put up a shelf, you’ll need a few things from a toolkit. To pull a business together, we think you might need our BUSINESS DATA TOOLKIT! See, there’s always a link to be shoehorned in.

Some people found it a bit peculiar that we’d use a toolkit as the inspiration for something technological, and that will clearly never see a toolbox, however like DIY equipment, OUR toolkit features an array of components – some of which everyone will need for nearly every job, some of which you might only need some of the time, and some that are more niche for people doing very specific jobs. To break down the analogy further, I’ve given this a bit of thought, and tried to equate OUR toolkit parts, with what you might find in your own shed at home.


Every toolkit needs a screwdriver – it’s most likely to be the things that you’ll need with you for just about every job. And that’s like our customer tool. All of us have some sort of customer, and the customer tool is the safest way to store all your information about them. You can have all the basics available at the touch of a button – name, address, telephone number etc. – but also have the option to make notes about them as and how you see fit – perfect for noting down the little things that can make you seem like the masters of customer service. If you have several contacts within the same company, you can add them all to a business’ page, and put down who’s the person to talk to for which conversations. And all of this is stored safely and securely on the Cloud – accessible only to those you wish to give access to. Much safer than your standard spreadsheet.


Not every DIY job needs nuts and bolts, much like not every business has stock that it’s vital they keep an eye on, however for those who DO, the stock tool is vital. Nuts and bolts are something that, if you use lots of them, you’ll constantly be having to keep an eye on what’s going in and what’s going out, to make sure that you don’t find yourself lacking the necessaries. Our stock tool allows you to have a full handle on exactly what you have in stock at all times, and generate supplier order forms for the items you’re lacking straight away. If you have multiple branches, you can either check the stock levels at different locations – meaning you can arrange to move stock from store to store in a straightforward and timely fashion.


Plenty of jobs don’t need a spirit level, but those that do, it’s crucial to make sure that everything’s straight up and... well, on the level. Our engineers tool allows you to make the best use of your off-site staff, whether they’re engineers or salespeople, and try to maximise their profitability. The tool allows you to book appointments for your engineers, and categorise appointments by the type of job – meaning you can assign lengths of times to certain jobs and make sure you’re blocking accurately. You can also use postcodes to plan routes by location – sending people to multiple jobs in the same area, rather than have them trekking to and fro on different days and pushing up fuel costs. Smart tracking is also available to allow you to see where you’re making your money, and equally, where a change in direction could help you save those vital pennies.


Some jobs require you to be a little bit safer, whether it’s a mask to not inhale dust, or goggles to stop something getting in your eyes. In business, having orders come in is what keeps your business safe and functioning, along with making sure you manage them properly, both during AND after. You can link customers to orders so you know who orders what, and when – perfect to work in conjunction with the stock tool. You can use the tool to set prices for certain objects, or, if the prices fluctuate due to seasonality, or exchange rates, you can change them as and when required. You can use them to manage the state of orders too, keeping an eye on where one is along your standard practice, and if payment is taken in instalments, you can make sure you’re on top of who has paid how much, and what they owe at any given time.

Other features will be added in the future, but even with just these four parts of the toolbox, you should be starting to see how the different tools can work together in harmony to make your overall toolkit functional, and effective. But that’s not to say you NEED to have them all. Each works in its own right, as well with the other tools.

So call us, and have a chat about your business needs, so we can give you the perfect toolkit. If you order this month, then you’ll also receive free set up with a three month contract. So now’s the ideal time to get it sorted!

Until next time,