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How can I get some peace of mind with my IT?

Looking for a little extra peace of mind with your IT? Sounds like our support contracts might be perfect for you – so read on!


Hi everyone, Zarte here... just give me two seconds, will you? I’m just putting some grease in my hair... OK, and I’m with you.

Why am I putting grease in? Well that’s the typical salesperson look isn’t it? I’ve been working on my patter and everything... I dunno, I don’t have much experience of this, but this is the closest I’ve got yet to one of these blog articles just having the attention of trying to draw your attention to something we’re doing!

You see, we’ve spoken a few times about the importance of support contracts and having adequate backup for your technology, but this time we specifically want to tell you about what WE can do for you.

It’s all because this month, we’ve relaunched our TotalCare range of support contracts to better reflect modern technology, and the needs of the modern business, and so we want to talk to you about them, as well as let you know about the fantastic offer we’ve got for both old and new customers who start or renew a contract this month.

The main reason for changing our packages is that our old packages were based around the idea that A) people would need to pay for how much support they needed from a time perspective and B) more issues would have needed on-site intervention than they would do presently.

The fact is, remote diagnostic software has come on leaps and bounds since we launched TotalCare originally, and so more and more issues can not only be detected in advance of them becoming serious problems, but additionally more and more of them can actually be fixed – without ever having to visit the customer in person. Furthermore, in the past, home users didn’t really think that this sort of thing applied to them, whilst now they’re far more interested in giving their domestic PCs similar protection. Which is why we’ve added a TotalCare package with those people in mind. Let me run you through the three packages we now have available:

TotalCare: just £2.50 per PC per month

TotalCare is the product we had in mind for home users who care about the protection of their PC, or business owners looking to take the first steps towards protecting their technology. Every user will get Webroot Anti-Virus and MalwareBytes Pro Anti-Malware software, to try and protect against the nasty threats that day to day usage can bring. We’ll also add remote monitoring software, to enable us to warn you pre-emptively should we notice something amiss, so you can get it sorted before it becomes a more serious issue. Updates installations are managed for you, and should you need a remote support session, you’ll pay just £25 per half hour.

All of the features mentioned here are also in both subsequent packages.

TotalCare Remote: £20 per PC, or £25 per server, per month

The next two packages aren’t only available for PCs, but also for servers as well, and represent a step up in terms of what’s offered. In contrast to TotalCare, any remote support sessions you require will be available for free with TotalCare Remote, and on servers remote monitoring extends to software and hardware restarts. You’ll get 24/7 reactive troubleshooting for your servers as well. Should this not be enough, and you find yourselves requiring an on-site visit, then TotalCare Remote customers will get support at a reduced price of £40 for the first hour (20% off).

TotalCare On-Site: £25 per PC, or £35 per server, per month

On-Site is by far the simplest to explain, in that everything previously mentioned is included, but with one extra bit of security. Which is the knowledge that if something should go wrong, and need an on-site visit, you’ll have a member of staff with you by the end of the next working day to put it right.

We’re really excited about these new packages as we think they offer better value for money, and reflect the needs of the modern user much better. So get in touch with us, letting us know your set-up and what you think you require, and let’s have a chat about how we can give you a much greater level of peace of mind.

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All prices in this article exclude VAT.