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How does your support contract work?

Our Support Contracts provide customers with a level of security they wouldn’t otherwise have for their technology. But how do they work? And why should you get one?


Hi everyone! Zarte here! Be with you in a moment, I’m just booking myself in for an appointment with my GP...

...and there we are. Right, I’m here. No, no, don’t worry about me, there’s nothing wrong – I just think it’s good to make sure that if you’re prone to the odd blip here and there, that you’re regularly checking up and touching base.

And you know, your computers aren’t really much different. For most companies – even smaller ones – the days of just having the one computer to go wrong are long gone, and so it makes sense to have a solution for if something does go wrong.

Traditionally, such a solution guaranteed that someone would go out and visit you when something went wrong, perhaps with restrictions for a number of visits, or total hours worked per business or machine. This works fine as a sort of insurance policy – you would know that someone would always look at it, and do their best to try and fix it, and you’d be talking to someone face to face if they needed to advise you that perhaps this was something that was going to need replacing.

Over time however, the notion of what a good support contract is has changed. With the dawn of far better remote access applications, and diagnostic technology, the onus has moved away from just trying to fix things as they go wrong, and towards the idea of trying to catch potential issues before they pose a larger problem.

This in itself requires businesses like ourselves to come up with more ideas for plans and packages to be able to accurately represent the diverse range of needs of different businesses.

For example, some companies will have a small collection of computers – used only for fairly basic things, and with little chance of going wrong on a day to day basis. For these companies, an entirely remote package may be enough to satisfy them. Software running constant diagnostics, and providing feedback in the eventuality that something preventable is caught, for a small fee, leaving them needing only to fork up for the expense of actual physical repairs, should something not be able to be diagnose and fixed remotely.

At the other end of the spectrum, many companies may be working around the clock, and require a 24/7 solution to their issues, that includes access to on-site remedial action as soon as problems arise.

There are of course a plethora of options to entertain within the middle of these two extremes though, and tailoring individual solutions is something that will become crucial to the success of businesses offering any kind of support package to their customers.

So what about your business? Have you engaged someone to support your business’ technology needs? If not, why? With the number of options available, it seems foolhardy not to, in much the same way it would seem foolhardy not to make sure you get the odd checkup for yourself from your doctor.

So why not think about it, and whether you’re already supported, or considering it for the first time, call us to have a chat about it. We’re happy to offer solutions such as these, discuss other options, and even just have a bit of a chat about anything you’ve read or watched from our blog.

Until next time,