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Phone systems are obsolete! Why do companies still sell them?

We’ve spoken about our passion for VoIP as a telecoms solution a few times, but here’s our take not only on that, but why the traditional box on the wall is now a thing of the past!


Hi everyone! Zarte here! Yes, yes, I know you’d rather I wasn’t, but unfortunately for you, I am all systems go!

But in the good sense of “all systems go” – not the bad one. Yeah, you know, the bad one? No? OK, well let me spell it out for you. ALL old phone SYSTEMS should GO!

Why? Well there really is just no real place for them any more, in almost ALL situations. The days of needing a massive box in the corner of your office, with a plethora of wires coming off of it, and taking up room, whilst being a massive eyesore, are over.

We harbour no ill-feeling towards them. They represented a significant and important step in our telecoms handling over history, but technology has moved on, and so, we think, should business everywhere across the country.

There are plenty of alternatives these days, but we here at BEA Solutions are putting our support firmly behind getting people to embrace VoIP as the next step for their call handling. We’ve discussed VoIP in great length in one of our previous blog articles - - which you can read over if you missed it the first time round – I won’t go into as much detail again now, however in brief:

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Broken down into its simplest form, this essentially means “Internet phone calls”. Rather than needing separate lines to make calls on, and to have your Internet on, you can simply use your Internet connection to make calls, which, providing your Internet is working, means you only have need one for one connection – which is more cost-effective, and the calls themselves are cheaper, making it more cost-effective... twice. It also, as mentioned, takes up MUCH less space, and has far greater scope for add-ons, with call-forwarding and setting up out of hours services etc. far simpler, and, you guessed it, more cost-effective.

“But wait!”, I hear you cry. “If VoIP is so much better than old-fashioned telephone systems, why are there companies still selling them?”

And it’s a fair question, but there are two parts to the answer. First of all, the companies that centre their business entirely around that one idea ARE beginning to suffer for that decision. Sure, some of them will be able to carve out a niche as continued providers for years to come, but some are beginning to drop off, and as several dedicated VoIP providers gain more traction and become the industry leaders, these companies have missed their chance to become early trendsetters and are losing out because of it.

The second part is that unfortunately, at this stage, several people are still choosing to stick with “what we know” and “what we’ve always done”. These phrases plague progress, and hold up the potential of so many businesses. Whilst we can’t wander in and demand anyone takes steps to modernise, it does sadden us that people are so reticent to change when the benefits of modernisation to their business would be multiple. That’s not even just telecoms though, but web presence, use of social media... the list is endless, but matters for a different time.

The short of it is that we think at this point it’s at least worth a conversation. And this month (July) even moreso than others, because if you DID decide to have that chat, and thought that VoIP might be the future for your business (or indeed for your home, if you’re a home user without a phone system, but reading this with interest), then we’re offering free setup, with a 3-month contract. Why not give us a call and see how all of this could apply to your business!

Until next time,