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Where are you working from today?

A common conversation starter in our industry is about what products are available to help you work on the go – here’s what we think about trying to make your life easier!


Hi everyone, it’s Zarte here! You can keep sending the poison pen letters, but they haven’t reached me yet!

I’ll let you in on a little secret – there’s a reason why it’s quite hard to find me by post. It’s because I quite often work from home! And the rest of the time, the big boss opens the post).

In days gone by, working from home was the stuff of nightmares – if you didn’t have a work laptop, you’d have to save things to a memory device of some kind, leading to you needing to take potentially sensitive data out of the office. You might not have access to every bit of software you needed either, meaning you might have to work with other applications, leading to there being an issue integrating them when you returned to the office.

These days, the companies that are really getting ahead in the marketplace are allowing their staff to be more flexible in their approach to working. Some use mobile working just as an aid for circumstance – illness and the like – whilst others even believe that spending some time out of the office is beneficial to the productivity of their staff.

Suppliers are recognising this and offering products that allow people to work remotely without compromising security or integration. A prime example of this would be Office 365. Having spent years having to register copies of Word, Outlook and the like to individual machines, it’s now possible to subscribe on a monthly basis to something that’s accessible by an individual, anywhere that they have a compatible device and an Internet connection. This could mean being able to work on a tablet whilst travelling on a train, or on their desktop whilst sat at home looking after a poorly child.

Not only does this allow flexibility for the employee, but it helps to decrease the amount of time businesses can lose from their employees, in their aforementioned situations of travel and similar.

We here at BEA Solutions feel similarly to Microsoft when it comes to looking for solutions to problems that can be caused when you attempt to tether an employee to their desk. We wanted to encourage our customers to be able to manage their data effectively and securely, both from how it was stored, to how it was accessible by employees. We also wanted to make sure that as business owners especially, they could look up the vital information they needed wherever they were. As many of you will know, time stops for no man or woman, and sometimes you need to be able to work, even when in reality, you’re probably not meant to be.

This is why out Business Data Toolkit was born. The entire premise was based around giving business owners, and their staff, access to information from anywhere they had the Internet available, to allow them to make decisions and deals on the move. But additionally, to only allow each staff member access to exactly what it is they need. It’s no good having sensitive data stored on the cloud if every Tom, Dick and Harry can have access to it.

Furthermore it allows flexibility in terms of only requiring someone to purchase what they need. Sure we have a tool that can allow you to manage engineers and other outbound staff if you need to, however if you run a clothes shop, then why make you pay for a feature that you have no need for?

So, if you’re a company that could benefit from accommodating the increasing need for flexibility and accessibility in the workplace, why not give us a call for more details about what our Business Data Toolkit could do for you (and indeed to get a quote from us for Office 365 as well!) on 023 9298 8855. It could be what gives your business a leg up to the next level!

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