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Why isn't anyone visiting my website?

Even if you have the world’s best website, if you have no plan to get people to visit it then it is certain to fail. We share our top tips to get that all-important traffic.


This is a question that we get from people time and time again. Sometimes it comes from people who want to switch to using our services, sometimes just a general query outside of office hours. Sometimes, it even comes from our customers who think that if we built their website, it’s automatically our fault if it doesn’t deliver hits.

But the fact is, it’s not as simple as that. Some of the most beautiful looking websites I’ve ever seen have had barely any hits on them. And conversely, sometimes a really ugly website goes through the roof. Why? Well there are a number of factors to consider, but here’s a few reasons why a website might not be getting the attention it deserves.

  1. We’re going to start with what will sound like an incredibly stupid question. But is your website actually up? We’ve known people to not check that their website is working. Or in some cases to make sure that they’ve put it live, if they’ve briefly switched it off to make an alteration. We’re pretty sure you won’t have done that, but with anything websites – you start off with the most obvious explanation and work outwards.
  2. Is the website easy to find? Really, we’re talking both in terms of the very basic stuff – is it an easy web address to remember and type – but also how easy it is to find with a simple search. Search engine optimisation is often key to making sure that your website catches the attention it deserves. Put simply, working with someone to make sure that when your target customer searches for “Builder, Portsmouth” for instance, that you’re the one they come across first. It’s not a lengthy process, but it can make a massive difference.
  3. Are you marketing yourselves at a level that matches your aspirations. If you want to appeal to the world, it’s no good just having a little feature in your local business magazine. Have you tried flyering the local area? Making it clear what you do, whilst necessitating that they visit your website for more specifics? Would telemarketing work for you? It might not make you massively popular, but it works for some industries. Or are you aiming to spread out further afield than that? Radio and television advertising is unlikely to be on the agenda at this stage, if you’re reading this – however such steps can be fruitful. Additionally – however you market yourself, can you add immediate value to someone’s visit? A flyer offering a free report, or some other perk, may be enough to sway a reluctant visitor into a definite one, however you MUST make that the point of your advertising. “Visit our website to see examples of our work/download the report/apply for your free quote” etc.
  4. Do you have a presence on other media? Having a social media presence is more likely than ever to get you hits on your website. Someone retweeting you can spread your reach many times over, and if that happens some will click on your website if you’ve displayed it prominently. Likewise if they share you on Facebook – talk about you on LinkedIn, and so on. It’s vital that your presence covers as many places as you and your stuff can possibly manage to look after and keep updated and relevant.
  5. Finally – are you being realistic? Why do you think you’re not getting enough hits? What did you base that information on? Did you set goals? Were they ever going to be attainable? For a lot of businesses, their product is once in a lifetime purchase. If you get 100 hits, and a good number of sales, you can’t be expecting those customers to become regular visitors. You’ve done it. You’re provided your service. Website hits mean nothing if you’re not making sales, so if you ARE making sales, and you HAVE made sure that you’re as visible as you can realistically be – what are you worrying about? No-one’s counting how many times you’re getting clicked on apart from you. Be confident and proud that your business is doing well and accept that some things are more important.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list – please feel free to comment your own thoughts and feelings, and if there are enough, we can do a follow up blog perhaps. But for now, those are some of the essentials, and hopefully they’ll help you and your business prosper this year.

Until next time,