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What is Office 365?

More and more people are enjoying the flexibility that Office 365 brings... but what is it, and how does it work? Our new blog aims to fill in the gaps!

What is Office 365?
  1. Video: What is a support contract?

    If your computers are prone to going on the blink, or if you’d like some peace of mind, then a support contract might be for you – here’s Marc to explain.

  2. Is your backup plan good enough to protect your data?

    How you handle data in case of a breach, or bigger issue, could be the difference between prosperity and a long, drawn-out recovery. Here’s why.

  3. What computer should I buy?

    “Which computer should I buy?” is a question that people really need to tighten up – here’s why!

  4. Is your P@ssw0rd! strong enough?

    Increasingly, we get people coming to us who’ve been hacked or had someone try to hack one of their accounts. Here we look at how you can decrease the chances of that happening – just by changing your password.

  5. Video: Connecting a printer to wifi

    If you’re looking for a new and improved printer, you might have some misconceptions – watch our video to dispel one of the biggest ones!

  6. Is a cheap printer always the cheapest option?

    When you make a purchase, it doesn’t always just cost you money at the time – our latest blog gives one instance, when there’s more to think about than just your wallet right now.

  7. How you handle customer data could be key to business success

    As business becomes increasingly digitalised, more and more data becomes available. Now’s the time to stop hiding from it all, and use it to take things to the next level.

  8. Don't duplicate; integrate!

    Why is having data all over the shop likely to be damaging your business? And how can integrating it help?

  9. Are you still wasting time with paper?

    Are you impacting on your business by still consigning everything to paper? And why should you be trying to move away from it?

  10. Video: All of my data is in different places

    The more processes you have from point of purchase, to the completed transaction, the more room you have for mistakes. How would our Business Data Toolkit avoid that?

  11. If it isn't numbers, it shouldn't be in a spreadsheet

    How should data be kept and managed for the most efficient business? Well, in our first blog post this month we tell you what you definitely SHOULDN'T be doing.

  12. Video: What can the business data toolkit do for you?

    We’ve all found ourselves drowning in spreadsheets at some point. But why could our Business Data Toolkit make a difference to your business?

  13. Video: What is the business data toolkit?

    The Business Data Toolkit is one of our main areas of our business, but... what is it?

  14. Video: Is social media really relevant for businesses?

    You may well have found this video by Social Media – so clearly it can have an impact. But how important is it to have a presence on there in the modern age?

  15. What's responsiveness and why does it matter?

    A website that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, is increasingly important in our mobile generation – so today we’re talking all about responsiveness and trying to take you from A to B-eyond doubt.

  16. Video: How much does a website cost?

    Many people fear the worst when they need a new website. Some astronomical flat-rate fee, when in reality they just need a really basic structure. Well our next video explains why that’s not the case.

  17. How to convert visitors: Make your website easy!

    After advising you how to get more visitors to your website last time, now you need to turn those visits into sales. Here’s what we think that all businesses should be thinking about.

  18. Video: How to get more website visitors?

    Videos are a great way of promoting your business, but they’re also a great way of helping us to help you. Marc’s got a few thoughts on why you might not be getting the hits you deserve.

  19. Why isn't anyone visiting my website?

    Even if you have the world’s best website, if you have no plan to get people to visit it then it is certain to fail. We share our top tips to get that all-important traffic.